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Like all of our programs at MM, our OT programs are highly child-centered; understanding how to successfully motivate your children is one of the most fundamental skills an OT can have. 


Without the capacity to motivate and prompt success, even the most engaging therapist may not have a willing participant.  Offering an OT program with the full support of ABA and Special Education teams, we are successfully teaching a broad range of skills to our students, with profiles ranging from Attention Deficit Disorder to Down syndrome. Our students are motivated to perform and experience limited frustration as they learn new skills.


At MM our OT is trained in successfully  motivating your child’s behaviour using a variety of ABA methods and understands how to teach and reach your kids. Our OT program is bridging the gap between OT and ABA by providing occupational therapy that is firmly rooted in motivational principles and uses behavioural strategies.  


Phone:  647-404-6349 OR 647-985-7001  
Email: MagnificentMindsToronto@Gmail.com


Toronto Campus: 37 Southbourne Avenue - School Wing, Toronto, ON

Vaughan Campus: 9600 Bathurst St. - Kimel Education Building, Maple, ON

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