Toronto & Vaughan Campuses

Magnificent Minds Inc. is small, private school and therapeutic service provider located in Toronto, since 2011, and in Vaughan (Maple) for September 2019. Using the science of learning (Applied Behaviour Analysis) and a commitment to experiential (hands-on) learning, we motivate our students to achieve academic excellence, personal greatness and develop resilience and coping mechanisms through best-practice in mental health support.


Being a student in a Magnificent Minds Inc. classroom is an interactive experience. With an authentic appreciation for the various learning styles within a classroom, our teachers cover all the bases when it comes to ensuring that curiosity is sparked and learning is organic. 

Our students are bright, adaptive students who have struggled in traditional schools due to academic, behavioural, language-based, sensory, or social-emotional challenges. Many of our students possess a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, or other neurological difference; we also support children without formally identified special needs or diagnosis, who simply benefit from a low-ratio, evidence-based teaching approach.


Our students are highly intelligent and possess unique strengths and areas of need which benefit from systematic teaching using cutting-edge pedagogical approaches. We successfuly motivate our students to achieve personal greatness; often times surpassing grade level curriculum requirements and developing lifelong friendships.

Phone:  647-404-6349 OR 647-985-7001  


Toronto Campus: 37 Southbourne Avenue - School Wing, Toronto, ON

Vaughan Campus: 9600 Bathurst St. - Kimel Education Building, Maple, ON

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