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Pursuing improved connection and minfdulness as a family.


Transitioning to Kindergarden


Kickstart your transition to Kindergarten by understanding the skills needed to thrive. Learn how to teach, what to teach and when to start so that your transition is smooth and successful.

Includes: skills assessment, suggestions for overcoming barriers, instructions for selecting goals, and template for goal tracking.


Defeating the Scaries

E-Book & Activities

Overcoming Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)-- Kids Edition

A 13 page curriculum designed to teach your child to:


Understand common negative (unhelpful) thoughts, identify their negative thoughts, transform/reframe their negative thoughts into positive (helpful) thoughts. Include: all content and print materials needed for lessons, and thought-journal.


When Behaviour Gets Big


An easy-ready guide for understanding behaviour rooted in the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. Teaching you to understand behaviour through its function, while giving you the tools to analyze your child's behaviour patterns and understand how your response either maintains or decreases even big (often challenging) behaviours.


Parenting Guiding Principles


An 8 page easy-read with my top 10 guiding principles for parenting offering 10 things to keep in mind as you parent from a place of empowerment including framework for defining (and teaching) your parenting values. Includes: 10 guiding principles e-book, templates and framework for identifying your parenting guiding principles. 


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