As a writer...

My writing career began as far back as I can remember. I’ve always had an affinity for the power to convey messages with the art of word order, punctuation, pagination, and layout. As a kid, I had no greater love than my journal (I know, cool from birth I tell you!)

As I grew older and hopefully wiser (and maybe a bit cooler?) I had a love affair with the writings of ancient philosophers. In my undergrad, I essentially turned my love of writing wordy, but well  thought out, sentences into an art form that 4 years later accidentally earned me my Bachelor of Arts degree. I once had a professor tell me I used “too many semi colons”; not too long after I discovered the writing styles of Aristotle and Plato, and to say I was vindicated would be a considerable understatement (that’s a philosophy nerd joke, because anyone who has ever read a philosophy text knows that a sentence can literally span two full pages and be entirely grammatically, albeit not stylistically, correct.

Fast forward a few years and I find myself, yet again, enthralled in the teachings of ancient thinkers—though this time, it’s from the perspective of human development, relationship theories, mindfulness practices and pursuits and psychological inquiry. I fell into an appreciation, OK obsession, with science. Scientific journals, studies, and musings were my go-to source of inspiration (at this point I am just bursting with cool).

Yes, in fact, I went from philosopher to scientist practitioner, without ever coming up for air. Through a few years of tireless typing and endless reading assignments, I turned my love of writing into a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology.


In 2011 my husband and I started a business, which gave me a unique opportunity to interact with a niche population: parents of kids with complex needs. I began blogging about my thoughts, studies, and generally attempting to disseminate information in a way that was accessible and hopefully readable. My first blog was born, and when it eventually needed a face lift I moved it over to the Wixx platform and aligned it with my business page in hope of expanding my reach. That’s about as far as I will go here in terms of mapping out  my career. If you want to learn more about my credentials, scope of practice, or approach you can find more details by checking out this direct link.