Expressive Art Therapy

Art therapy is a wonderful form of expressive therapy that works well with a wide variety of populations including those with ASD.


Children can at times struggle to articulate how they are feeling. Art therapy can provide children with an alternative way to communicate and explore their feelings. The creative process allows them to express themselves in both figurative and abstract forms. It can also provide children an opportunity to make connections between their feelings and the appropriate language.


Art therapy offers an opportunity to learn emotion regulation techniques in a safe and controlled environment. It also allows kids the cathartic experience of physically separating from their emotions by taking their thoughts and feelings out of their hand and onto the paper. 


Art therapy is not about creating a masterpiece or work of art to hang on the fridge, it’s about expressing one’s self in whatever form feels right to the child in the moment. This can include any number of art materials such as paint, felt, clay or simply pencil and paper. The access to such a variety of materials provides a wide range of sensory stimulation opportunities which can be beneficial for children seeking sensory input.