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HeadQuarters mentorship is for you if you've ever felt like your industry was a bit like the Wild West, and you have no idea how to fit in, or like private practice life feels like a never-ending "table for 1". Our mission is to transform your professional journey into not only a productive but also a fulfilling experience that is rich with connection. Because you deserve a mentorship that transcends beyond the ordinary – mentorship that "gets you". Our team empathizes with the challenges of finding your way in a dynamic and unpredictable landscape, all while you're trying to figure out where you fit. We support educators, therapists, and behaviour analysts as we uphold a commitment to core values and firmly advocate for mentorship that is grounded in best-practices, and frankly, that doesn't suck. Mentorship is about more than just learning the rules; it's about learning to think critically, to question, and to push the limits, all while builing your personal scope. We're here to be your support system, elevating your professional aspirations and helping you find your zone of genius so that you can make waves in your field. 


current and pre-service educators


certified and future

mental-health therapists

behaviour analysts

certified and future behavioural service providers

1:1 Supervision

Weekly or monthly, one on one virtual supervision with an experienced professional in your industry, who has accrued substantial professional practice hours, has met supervision criteria, and has been subject to a rigorous vetting procedures to ensure best fit. 

Group Supervision

Weekly or monthly, group virtual supervision and mentorshop with an experienced professional in your industry, who has accrued substantial professional practice hours, has met supervision criteria, and has been subject to a rigorous vetting procedures to ensure best fit. 

Eco-Friendly Design

Behaviour Analysts

Imagine supervision that goes beyond rote recall (but if you're still in the weeds with Cooper, we will help with that too). We work with supervisees to turn knowledge into wisdom; to be build clinical competence, and confidence. When you're paired with a supervisor from HeadQuarters you already know we speak the same language (and I don't mean the jargon, but we speak that too). Our supervisors are anchored in their values, they are obsessed with staying current, finding what you're passionate about, checking all the boxes (on the task list, or your data sheet), and moving the needle together. Our expertise is in trauma-informed, identity affirming, progressive Applied Behaviour Analysis, and we want to help you make serious waves in this industry.


Whether you're accruing direct-client hours, studying for the exam, working towards autonomous practice, or already living the solo clinician (private practice) life, HeadQuarters mentorship is the compass that guides you through the twists and turns of this adventure. We know that mentorship needs to be meaty; you need to leave each session with food for thought, AHA moments, and substance. Our expertise shines in helping clinicians master the art (and science) of working with 5-18 year-olds sporting a spectrum of profiles, from Autism and ADHD to Anxiety, Learning Disabilities, ODD, and more. We also possess expertise in supporting parents and educators in empowering children with complex needs. Though a trauma-informed lens, we use an integrative model to create treatment plans, and goals, that are affirming, and inclusive. Recognizing the gaps in services for neurodivergent individuals, we're building a community of dedicated clinicians, through mentorship and supervision, and we can't wait to welcome you aboard.


Educators deserve mentorship that goes beyond guidance. Mentorship should be collaborative, dynamic, and individualized; it should be informed by emerging needs, influenced by educational trends, and anchored in best-practices backed by research. In a field where transformation is notoriously slow, HeadQuarters mentors believe that quality (and often multi-disciplinary) collaboration is the way forward. We envision a world where progressive change can be co-created, by educators who align on values, and who are deeply committed to disseminating best-practices in holistic, student-centred, identity affirming and inclusive ways. If you're looking to dive deeper, and committed to generational change, if you're feeling uninspired by the current landscape, or just getting your feet wet--there's room at our table. Let's shake things up a little!

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