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At MM we recognize that we are only as good as the professionals we surround ourselves with. We hire professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, who embody the warmth and energy that we uphold within the walls of our school.  Experienced, credentialed and creative is just the beginning!

Instructor Therapists

As front line staff responsible for delivering IBI, ABA,  our Instructor Therapists possess formal training in behaviour analysis; we hire individuals with a track record of success, who understand the importance of establishing trust and mutual respect, and who understand their unique role as a facilitator of child development.

Our ITs possess and extensive experience implementing IBI in a clinical/school based setting in addition to the following credentials:

Post graduate certificate in Autism Behaviour Science


Formal training in psychology and child development

Masters level credentials, including certification as BCBA
Masters and BCBA candidates accruing hours towards certification

Classroom Teachers

Our classroom teachers play an integral role in facilitating group development at Magnificent Minds. As a school that supports children from 2.5 years and up, we hire classroom teachers who understand the fundamentals of child development, who successfully implement ABA teaching strategies, who understand curriculum modification, lesson planning for a dynamic population, and who have experience implementing early intervention. Our teacher-therapists possess unique professional backgrounds with expertise in teaching exceptional learners; this enable them to motivate our students, in a way that is unlike what they have experienced in other educational settings.

Our teacher-therapists possess extensive experience teaching students with complex profiles in addition to the following credentials:

Bachelor of Education (OCT) with Additional Qualifications in Special Ed.
Early Childhood Education diploma  
Post graduate certificate in Autism Behaviour Science

Lead Behaviour Therapists

Lead Behaviour Therapists are Instructor Therapists who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, knowledge and skill application. Lead Behaviour Therapists quite literally lead the team of Instructor Therapists on their roster, and liaise with the Senior Team to ensure the highest quality of service for our clients. Lead Behaviour Therapists are responsible for monthly report writing, parent training, and supporting the onboarding process of our new team members or volunteers.

Lead Behaviour Therapists typically possess: 

Diploma in Child & Youth Work
Post-graduate certificate in Autism Behaviour Science
Masters level credentials including designation as BCBA
Masters candidate working towards designation as BCBA, or other relevant designation

Bachelor of Education (OCT) with additional qualifications in Special Ed.

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