Group ABA


In group ABA students receive individual support plans that promote development across developmental domains, targeting: Communication, social skills, cognitive and academic competencies, behavioural needs, group instruction and gross and fine motor skills to name just a few. 

Students participate in "classes" that feel just like school, but have the hidden curriculum of an ABA program complete with assessment, data analysis, prompting hierarchies and evidence-based teaching tactics. Students are placed in groups based on age and need, in order to ensure social engagement and personal growth. 

Students can participate during school hours (9:00-3:30) for:

Mornings only, afternoons only, or full days. 


Enrolment options include:

2, 3 and 5 days per week. 


No groups for kids 6+?

We firmly believe that after age 6 our students benefit from full day, not part-time, learning through our school program or through their local school. But, if you'd like to attend after-school we've got tons of options! Check them out!


Approach and delivery

Using Applied Behaviour Analysis we create programming that reflects our commitment to evidence-based teaching tactics. We promote school readiness, social skills, cognitive development and communication among other essential daily living skills. 


Who is eligible?

Students must meet "group readiness" criteria to be eligible for group programming. For entry, students must be recommended for admission by our clinical supervisory team. 


Parent involvement

Parent involvement is the cornerstone of a successful program. Not only is communication ongoing, and reciprocal, between teacher-therapist and parents, but families are encouraged to participate in many aspects of programming from field trips to seasonal concerts.


Clinical supervision

Absolutely! We meet the same rigorous standards for supervision and teacher-therapist mentorship in our group programs as in our 1:1 intervention programs.