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"We're much more than just a brick and mortar business; we've gone digital, and it's a key step in achieving our goal to expand our reach and really show up for our community."

-Alley, Clinical Director, Magnificent Minds Inc.

We're excited to bring you more ways to connect with, and learn from, the dynamic clinical and educational team at Magnificent Minds Inc. Get the full story on how (and why) we're expanding our reach, empowering our community and changing-the-game when it comes to availability of virtual resources and support for parents, caregivers and professionals, or skip right to our offers below.

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A comprehensive virtual course leading to empowered parenting.


Work through 6 learning modules using video and workbook; this self-paced, completely virtual, course is designed to support you in navigating the daily ups and downs, advocating within the community, and understanding your child's needs.  


A comprehensive virtual course leading to empowered parenting.  


You'll get practical ways to limit overwhelm, develop a foundational understanding of how the ADHD brain is wired, and do a deep dive into how you can show up for your kiddo in a way that respect their needs, prioritizes connection, and promotes development across the lifespan. 



You'll walk away with practical strategies to help your child or learner with ADHD complete: 



-learning tasks like projects, worksheets, or any kind of skill building

-daily task like cleaning their room, getting out of the house in the morning or even packing their lunch

-transitioning smoothly, 

-and many other "must do" activities you're struggling with


... all with greater ease and armed with tips curated by a professionals with over a decade first-hand experience.


I've extracted 1 (packs-a-big-punch), 14 minute video, lesson from my "Parenting and ADHD MasterClass" and made it available to you for a fraction of the cost of the full program. Access it any time, and start to unlock those AHA moments in parenting a kiddo with ADHD.

A Practical Guide to Kindergarten

Transitions -PDF/Download

A practical guide to kindergarten readiness for parents, therapist, teachers and paraprofessionals including:

  • 2 pages of key areas for skill development for Kindergarten readiness

  • 2 pages of common barriers and tips for troubleshooting gaps in skills

  • A pre-test for assessing where to start with skill building

  • A post-test for tracking progress.

  • 1 page guiding you through selecting goals and teaching to fill those gaps

  • 2 pages of goal setting and tracking template

Positive Affirmation [Mindfulness]

Cards- PDF/Download

Positive affirmation cards for kids; ready to print, laminate and use daily.


Positive affirmation cards for kids are designed to be printed, laminated and used with kids 4-10 years old. They can be included in daily morning routines, yoga/meditation practices, or movement breaks. These are also a great addition to a before bed ritual!

Mindfulness Lessons + Activities for Kids-PDF/Download

5 educational lessons (in print/text) designed by Clinical Director, Alley, whose expertise in mindfulness and self-regulation spans over a decade.


15 pages of resources (5 activities/lessons total) including printables/templates.


Each lesson includes:

  • 1 lesson about mindfulness concepts using "kid-friendly" (and parent-friendly) language.

  • 1 activity to compliment/extend the lesson content; description of the hands-on activity, material list, objective, and step by step instructions.

ADHD Workbook "My Behaviour

Book" - PDF/Download

This workbook offers an opportunity for learners to learn about the strengths and needs of their ADHD brain in a way that is hands on and engaging. In kid-friendly (and parent friendly) language you can develop increased self-awareness, tools for overcoming barriers commonly associated with ADHD, and access the right language for communicating/self-advocating for your child's needs in school, on the baseball field, or in an after school club.

3 Teaching Hacks Every Parent

Needs - PDF/Download

These are the 3 top teaching hacks you need [right now] in your back pocket to limit overwhelm and frustration (yours and theirs) when it comes to homework and skill building; trust me!

And it's FREE [for now].

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