Grades 1-5
Our Innovative primary/junior school program is rooted in principles of positive reinforcement, academic fluency, experiential and hands-on learning, mindfulness training and communication and social skill building. We strive to produce confident, happy learners as we champion our students to personal greatness. We understand that not all students learn the same way, and are dedicated to individualization throughout the academy journey. Ontario Ministry of Education goals are targeted in a holistic, interactive way which maximizes attention, focus and the ability to learn without stress or pressure. Adjunct Programs are added to target foundational skills across domains that target wellness and student success.
Key Elements of our Program
Whole Body, Whole Mind Approach

Broad focus including development of:


  • social-emotional development

  • cognitive development 

  • problem solving and self advocacy

  • behavioural regulation and self awareness

  • gross and fine motor development (including recreational sports skills)

  • think, plan and do active learning skills

  • low ratio classroom (1:4 student to teacher ratio) 

Increased levels of support within the classroom are available for those who require it. 

Though we appreciate the importance of traditional (teacher-led)  learning, we also uphold the idea that for successful learning (that lasts) it is essential to engage the body and the mind.


Our lessons take students into the community, to our outdoor learning spaces, into the kitchen and beyond the walls of their classroom. We get busy learning in a way that evokes collaboration, investigation, mutual respect and self-awareness. 

When lessons are designed for students to think, plan and do engagement increases and motivation follows suit!