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Who We Support

Meet Lawrence...

Lawrence arrived at Magnificent Minds Inc. at 5 years old. Lawrence had previously struggled to find the right fit in traditional pre-school and kindergarten; the classes were too large and the programs were not motivating him to perform. He was an energetic student, who struggled to channel his energy to productive learning tasks. He struggled with using his communication skills appropriately, had limited social skills and was behind in his academics.


After 2 years at Magnificent Minds Inc., Lawrence was surpassing grade level expectations, was thriving socially and was using age appropriate means of communication with peers and teachers. With a verbose vocabulary and an increased motivation to participate in group instructions, Lawrence became an invested student and a wonderful peer model. Lawrence developed the self advocacy and self regulation skills needed to adapt to a variety of learning environments.


Lawrence transitioned into a traditional school environment, and is currently thriving without support. 

Meet Michael...

Michael arrived at Magnificent Minds Inc. at 4.5 years old. Michael had experienced a variety of traditional learning environments without much success; he struggle to self regulate within larger group settings, and demonstrated some challenging behaviour as a result of sensory over stimulation. As a child with high functioning autism, Lawrence needed support developing communication and social skills.


Michael began receiving 1:1 ABA therapy at Magnificent Minds Inc. and quickly developed a substantive vocabulary, learned essential 'learning to learn skills' and increased his motivation to interact with peers. After 6 months, Michael joined our Kindergarten program.


In our school program, Michael learned to apply the skills he had acquired in a 1:1; he learned to take turns, share and engage in interactive play with peers. Michael made leaps and bounds in his academic abilities, through a combination of group and 1:1 learning opportunities. He is now working at grade level in all of his subjects.


After 2.5 years in the program, Michael transitioned into the public system with tremendous success; he began attending traditional recreational programs like summer camp and march break camp. Michael continues to receive additional 1:1 services at Magnificent Minds Inc. to keep the momentum going.



Meet Maria...

When Maria arrived at MM she was described as spirited and highly intelligent. Maria said she was bored in her previous classroom, and that she had no friends; she found some creative ways to stay engaged (some of which her teacher found challenging to manage).


After a few days at MM, it was obvious that Maria needed frequent body breaks, an IEP, and a structured classroom environment; with these minor modifications, Maria soared to the top of her class. Maria tested 2 grade levels ahead in language, and 1 grade level behind in math; in just a few short months, Maria was working at grade level in math and continued to refine her verbose vocabulary and reading capabilities.


Maria formed meaningful relationships with her peers and teachers, which positioned her to excel socially and academically. When Maria’s level of engagement increased, her challenging behaviours disappeared. 


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