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mental health services


Our Mental Health Services increase coping and self-advocacy skills and teach kids (and their grown-ups) to effectively apply them through their daily struggles.  Our Mental Health Services are solution-focused, short term therapy (usually 6, 8 or 12 week blocks) designed to reduce behaviours that interfere with wellness (however that is defined by the client); however, we are responsive to client need and open to creating a plan that works for each individual and their family. 
We specialize in celebrating and supporting neurodivergent (ASD, ADHD, GAD, ODD, etc.) children/youth and/or those who struggle with:
  • impulse control,
  • executive functioning,
  • self-regulation,
  • self-awareness,
  • self-advocacy,
  • social and communication skills.
Whether you're looking to:
-Build a toolbox of strategies for managing stress.
-Create an emotionally safe space to share and connect.
-Develop social and adaptive coping skills.
-Build self-awareness through mindfulness practices.
-Learn about your emotions, and understand your own needs.
-Better understand the mind/brain-body connection.
-Support self-regulation and manage reactivity.
-Target other goals that support personal growth and development.
We can create an individualized, client-centred plan to suit your needs.

Therapeutic Approach

Magnificent Minds Inc. Therapists are trained in trauma-informed practice and operate exclusively from our scope of competence, placing tremendous importance on the intake procedures, and subsequent assessment of needs, in determining client-therapist suitability. We are committed to working with allied professionals to provide high quality services to an underserved community.

Therapists may incorporate any of the following approaches: 

Therapeutic Yoga & Movement
Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Emotional Regulation Teaching
Social/Communication Skill Development and Instruction 

Function-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (fb-CBT)
Learning Through Play
Project-Based Learning & Take-Home Work

1:1 sessions can occur in-person on-site at Magnificent Minds, or remotely; sessions are typically 45-60 minutes and delivered by a qualified health care professional, who is a member of a regulatory body. Looking for Group Sessions? Get in touch:

Actively Teaching Mental Wellness

Being a kid is hard and more and more we're realizing that the struggles of our kids have roots that go really deep. We're realizing that certain behaviour patterns aren't going to "go away on their own". When we acknowledge the struggles of our kids, and offer a nurturing environment to practice effective coping mechanisms, process big feelings, and begin the process of self-awareness and self-discovery, we see our kids open up in new and exciting ways.  


When feelings get really big, behaviour gets even bigger.


By equipping our kids with the right tools to navigate day to day upset and substantial

set-backs we're setting the foundation for the development of

resilience and empowerment. 

Mental Health and Neurodiversity

Because our brains impact the way information is processed and applied (from sensory experiences to cognitive skills), it's no surprise that work in the "mental-health domains" ought to be specialized and address the variables that impact skill development in a neurodivergent population. We don't need to change the way our brains interpret information, but we do need to understand it.


When you factor in the different learning styles and needs, the social pressure, the systemic barriers to equity and the general lack of awareness for neurodiversity, it becomes clear why specialized services are vital to supporting long term positive outcomes for neurodivergent kids and

the families who support them.

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