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Trauma-Informed, & Neurodiversity Affirming Classrooms

Our educational philosophy reflects our dedication to championing each student to personal greatness. We know that individualized education is the highest standard, calling for an approach which assesses student skills across their multiple intelligences and skill and developmental domains. 


We are dedicated to low-ratio classrooms and hands-on teaching, and provide group learning experiences which account for the strengths and needs of each student. We recognize that for many of our students, traditional one-size-fits-all instruction has missed the mark. We continue to develop and extend knowledge in areas of strength, and build upon existing skills—in a way that is systematic and precise, in areas of need.


Through our psychoeducational approach, we understand the variables that impact learning. We know that education must target the development of the whole child, across multiple paradigms. In our community, student variables are celebrated as dynamic aspects of our student body. Our approach reflects our commitment to fostering social relationships, and yielding confident and happy learners with a diverse range of skills and interests. 

In addition to our instruction derived from the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum, we incorporate Adjunct Programs that help us reach our "big picture" goals. 

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