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Grades 6-8

We believe in educational practices and pedagogy rooted in science, rather than tradition.

Our Middle School program is guided by scientifically-validated teaching approaches, rooted in principles of relationship development, and builds academic fluency through experiential and hands-on learning opportunities, development of self-regulation, self-awareness, and self-advocacy. We strive to produce confident, happy learners as we champion our students to personal greatness. Using the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum as a starting point, and a variety of multi-disciplinary curriculums to supplement, we're creating an interactive and holistic learning experience.

We understand how to champion gifted and talented learners, and provide additional support to those who benefit from differentiated instruction. Adjunct Programs are added to target foundational skills across domains that target wellness and student success; multi-disciplinary professionals are brought in to bolster programming with workshops and experiences tailored to the needs of our students.

"Middle School is a critical time of development, and the stakes are high. As kids age, their needs change; that is just basic developmental theory. As kids age, the gap between them and their peers can narrow or widen, and just like in early intervention, the level of support received can make all the difference."

-Alley Dezenhouse Kelner, Clinical Director

Key Elements of our Middle School Program

  • essential and practical skill building using evidence-based, scientifically-validated pedagogical approaches

  • emphasis on mental health and wellness through evidence-based therapeutic modalities 

  • development of leisure, life and social skills to facilitate community integration

  • self-advocacy, healthy relationships, understanding diversity, consent, and the realities of maturing in today's world.

  • vocational and educational goals which reflect the needs of the student, an his or her long term plan

  • low ratio classroom (1:4 student to teacher ratio) 

Other noteworthy elements of our program:​

  • Before Care Available

  • After School Social Club Available

  • Classroom Updates via Virtual Classroom

  • Optional referral to add-on services: Psychotherapy, OT, SLP, ABA or 1:1 Therapeutic Support in Classroom

Add-On Services for Students


  • Psychotherapy / Mental Health Supports

  • Speech Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Remedial Tutoring

  • Focused ABA Therapy

Wellness: Body and Mind

Gym class is always a fan-favourite, and we think Middle School is the time to take it up a notch! We focus on sports skills, good sportsmanship and teach the rules of fair play. We explore solitary sports, and whole-body fitness programming.

Exercise is not just a way to keep our bodies moving and build stamina, it's also a way to build leisure skills, and lean into student strengths and interests; and for those who struggle to stay motivated to get moving, it's a good reminder that perseverance pays off.  Physical activity is a proactive way to decrease stress, and increase self-confidence. ​Skills training culminates in school-wide special-days, like our annual Track and Field competition. 

A healthy body is just one peice of the puzzle!

How do we keep our brains happy and healthy?

Through workshops and hands-on learning we explore:

  • Yoga and breathwork *run by a psychotherapist

  • Brain science *run by a psychotherapist

  • Nutrition science

  • Mindfulness and meditation *run by a psychotherapist

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