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A Roadmap For Admissions

The admissions process allows both our team and your family the opportunity to assess whether Magnificent Minds Inc. is the ideal learning environment for your child. 


The process unfolds like this:

  1. Connect with us via phone or e-mail to receive an admissions package. Click here to start the process. *Please note, we do our part to limit paper waste. All admissions packages are electronic (unless otherwise requested), so an e-mail is preferred.

  2. After review of admissions package, initiate contact with Director(s) and set a meeting to discuss the prospective student(s)

  3. After the admissions meeting, a trial day for the student will occur prior to entry into the program; students will participate in a 2.5-3 hour trial day in order to assess group readiness and compatibility within the classroom. Further reccomendations will follow from the trial day.

  4. You will be notified by the Director(s) once your child is approved for admissions. Additional educational or skills-based assessments typically occur thereafter.

  5. Individual Education Plans and/or Individual Support Plans are developed, by our supervisory team, during their first few weeks in the program.

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