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At HeadQuarters, our goal is fuelling the passions of budding and seasoned educators, clinicians, caregivers, and institutions. Our support is deeply rooted in current research, identity-affirming practices, inclusivity, and a values-oriented approach. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between the education and clinical sectors, fostering collaboration, and integrating knowledge. Through strategic collaborations with corporate entities and clients, our overarching objective is to elevate the overall well-being of both the local and global community.


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By Magnificent Minds Inc.

(1) At the head; to be particularly adept, in a field or industry and provide leadership rooted in proficiency, and skill.


(1) A fourth part into which a greater entity is divisible. 

(2) A home base within which an entity is grounded.

Our Story

In 2011, Magnificent Minds burst onto the scene as one of Ontario's first hybrid educational and therapeutic hubs. Fast forward over a decade, and we're still leading the charge in cross-sector change, championing our values as we make waves in three key areas: (1) Education, (2) Behavioral Services, and (3) Mental Health Supports.


But our impact isn't just local; it's about reshaping the narrative on an international scale, where historically underrepresented communities are finally getting the spotlight they deserve.

Our mission? To take the magic we've been creating since 2011 and spread it like confetti, seamlessly woven into the fabric of how we support:

  • Our children, for caregivers

  • Our clients, for clinicians

  • Our students, for teachers

  • Our employees, for corporations & schools

And that's how HeadQuarters, by Magnificent Minds Inc., was born – a space where cross-sector support is available at every stage of your parenting, clinical, teaching, or corporate journey. It's a place where we recognize the intertwined links between sectors and commit to progress over stagnation. How? Through collective values and resources crafted, curated, and vetted by our stellar team. Join us on this dynamic ride!

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HeadQuarters workshops are all about the exciting collision of diverse worlds; a one-time learning experience designed to offer focused topic exploration. Through a seamless blend of education, mental health, and behavioural expertise, we create dynamic workshops designed for individuals, schools and corporations; our workshops often meet the requirements for continuing education credits across diverse sectors. Our team of dedicated professionals is on a mission to equip you with the tools not just to survive but to thrive in both your personal and professional domains. Ready to join forces and create waves of positive change? We are ACE certified and can provide CEUs for Behaviour Analysts; please confirm eligibility per workshop.

Let's dive into this journey together!


HeadQuarters courses are the place where education meets energy; the perfect deep dive for someone looking for a little more depth than a single workshop can offer. Whether you're just starting out, a seasoned pro, a dedicated caregiver, or part of the corporate hustle, our topic-specific, and audience specific, courses have got your back; CEUs, PDs, and CPDs--oh my!* We're bringing you virtual, live, and hybrid options – whatever suits your learning style. Get ready for an experience that not only boosts your well-being but also deeply matches your holistic view. Our courses arm you with research-backed strategies, delivered in a targeted and accesible way. No more ordinary – our courses are here to keep you engaged, spark big ideas, and leaving you feeling confident and in-the-know.

Let's jump in, and make learning your next big adventure!

*CEUs - Continuing Education Units   PDs - Professional/Personal Development   CPDs- Continuing Professional Development


HeadQuarters is the ultimate hub for digital goodies that boost efficiency, know-how, and ace practices in education, mental health, and behavioural realms. We love a good resource, and we've spent a decade perfecting the art of resource development so you don't have to! Dive into our treasure trove of ready-to-go resources crafted just for you, or work with us to develop something totally unique. We're all about harnessing the excellence of digital tools to propel our clients to success. Our mission? To serve up top-notch resources, that take the guess-work out of reaching your goals. 

Let's start shopping!

Mentorship - Launching Fall 2024

HeadQuarters mentorship is for you if you've ever felt like your industry was a bit like the Wild West, and you have no idea how to fit in, or like private practice, life feels like a never-ending "table for 1". Our mission is to transform your professional journey into not only a productive but also a fulfilling experience that is rich with connection. Because you deserve a mentorship that transcends beyond the ordinary – mentorship that "gets you". Our team empathizes with the challenges of finding your way in a dynamic and unpredictable landscape, all while you're trying to figure out where you fit. We support educators, therapists, and behaviour analysts as we uphold a commitment to core values and firmly advocate for mentorship that is grounded in best practices, and frankly, that doesn't suck. Mentorship is about more than just learning the rules; it's about learning to think critically, to question, and to push the limits, all while building your scope. We're here to be your support system, elevating your professional aspirations and helping you find your zone of genius so that you can make waves in your field. 

Let's move the needle together!

Consultations - Launching Fall 2024

HeadQuarters is your go-to team for smart strategies minus the jargon. Our game is all about evidence-backed brilliance and the best practices, blended seamlessly with a deep dive into the foundational ideas of education, behaviour, and mental health. We are a powerhouse of knowledge, covering all the bases. Whether you're seeking individualized support, tailor-made plans, or a game-changer for schools and organizations, we're here for the ultimate collaboration through short and long-term consultative relationships. Let's team up, hit those goals, and create a positive ripple that lasts. Why follow the crowd, when you can blaze your own trail?

Let's build something game-changing together!

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