Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) at Magnificent Minds Inc.


Our Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services are flexible and responsive to client needs. In a school based setting, we support students in individualized programming that is derived from comprehensive curriculums including but not limited to, ABLLS-R, VBMAPP, PEAK, and AFLS.


We believe in tailor-made programming delivered in a way that is rooted in science, and grounded in evidence-based practice and which aligns with our deep respect for neurodiversity. All of our programs are trauma-informed, and reflect our commitment to teaching the whole child (and their family unit). 

We offer 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 ABA and IBI programming to meet the needs of our students. Ready for a larger group?

Our group programs operate at a 4:1 ratio. Click here for more information on group ABA. 


Delivery Method(s)

Programs are delivered in a way that meets student needs, based on assessment results and data analysis. Including: Natural Environment Training, Discrete Trial Training, Play-Based Instruction, and Group Instruction.


Clinic or School

We offer clinically significant programs but are very dedicated to our "school-feel". When students arrive, it doesn't feel like a doctor's office, it feels like a school--because it is! 


Social skills

All of our students target development of social skills, and learn alongside their peers. Being around other kids provides learning opportunities that promote skill building.  



Almost all of our kids spend time outside! Whether it's in our fenced in outdoor play area, on community walks, or on field trips.


Parents observing sessions

Yes! As long as it's pre-arranged with your child's senior therapist, so necessary paper work can be completed.