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Our Psycho-Educational Approach

We create 1:1 and small group, child-centred learning experiences while promoting a culture of inclusion, and a sense of community that fills the halls. We provide hands-on learning and tailor-made programming using the best-practice principles of:

Progressive Applied Behaviour Analysis

Social-Emotional Processing and Development
Cognitive Development 

Communication Training

Mental Health & Wellness

Our Perspective

Your child is bright, sensitive and aware; your child is worth pursuing whatever it takes to ensure the development of the adaptive skills necessary to thrive. 


From communication to academics, your child's development benefits from a holistic perspective. Our professionals work from a whole body-whole mind approach, fostering an interactive process of skill development and personal growth. Our approach is rooted in science, and driven by evidence-based practice that emphasize the importance of relationship building in promoting academic and therapeutic outcomes.



Autism, Dual-Diagnosis & Neurodiversity


Autism, like most neurological differences, impacts your child’s learning style, rather than your child’s ability to learn.  We understand the vital role of the family in the education of our children, and pursue a multi-disciplinary team approach as we strive for excellence with your children. 


When dual-diagnoses exist, it is essential that a comprehensive appraisal of strengths and needs occurs. It is integral to the success of the child, that the practitioners look beyond labels, seeing the variables which contribute to your child's unique, and perhaps complex, profile. 

Neurodiversity is a value, while neurodivergence is a state of being. We both value neurodiversity, and support neurodivergent students. For more information check out this blog post written by our Clinical Director, Alley: "Neurodivergent vs. Neurodiversity."

Trauma Informed Care

Magnificent Minds Inc. is a trauma aware/ trauma informed practice and educational environment.  In all pursuits we acknowledge the unique learner history of each student, recognizing that past learning environments, or adverse childhood experiences can impact all aspects of development. In implementation, we respect bodily autonomy, consent and self-advocacy within our community while safe guarding mental health and well being. 


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