Meet Our Directors

Alley and Billy started MM in 2011 with a vision of  a hybrid program bridging the gap between therapy and education; to create a program that changed the landscape of available services for kids with diverse needs in Ontario. 

With Billy at the head of business relations, and Alley at the head of clinical programming and outreach, their collaboration facilitates the development of high quality program that reflects their commitment to:

  • evidence-based and clinically appropriate service,

  • respect for neurodiversity

  • operating from the midpoint of behaviour science and mental health,

  • and, balance and trauma-informed service delivery across therapeutic and educational streams.


Alley Dezenhouse Kelner 
Clinical Director, 
Therapist + Parent Coach

Alley has a certificate in Autism Behaviour Science, a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology and a graduate certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis.


Alley is also:


  • a member in good standing with the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP)

  • a non-certified member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)

  • Children's Yoga Teacher (CYT) practicing a therapeutically Integrated Yoga and Mindfulness Approach

Alley has experience conducting and supervising Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Function-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (fb-CBT), educational programming, social-emotional skill building, Mindfulness, and Naturalistic/Play Based Therapy and has Level 1 Certification in PEAK assessment and programming. Alley supports parents and front line professionals in workshops focusing on: ABA, fb-CBT, CBT- for Psychosis, and Practical Parenting, through 1:1 consultations, and through her contributions to the Science Drives Wellness Steers blog and podcast. Alley works in direct service, doing therapy with neurodivergent kids and 1:1 coaching with their caregivers, and supervision as well as working with community agencies to foster best-practices in supporting mental health through a behavioural lens; she has experience developing curriculums, resources and teaching children and adults through in-person and online instruction.

Alley has worked under psychological supervision since 2011, and works alongside a multi-disciplinary team that recognizes that a child is more than just the sum of his or her behaviours. Alley is an avid proponent of mindfulness in day to day living, yoga, allergy-free baking, scientific journals, and purposeful parenting strategies.

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  Billy Kelner 
Chief Financial Officer

Billy is responsible for intake and transition into MM programs, the first point of contact for all inquiry, a key player in the implementation of crisis deescalation, and all aspects of office management.  A graduate of Dalhousie’s Business Management program, Billy brings the office side of MM together. Billy is also an experience teacher with over 10 years experience in group and 1:1 environments; he understands the importance of evidence-based applications of Applied Behaviour Analysis. Billy has completed Crisis Intervention Training (Train-the-Trainer Intensive Workshop), with a focus on children and youth; he is our resident Certified Trainer who is responsible for certifying the MM team in the Crisis Intervention Training Program through Safe Management Group (SMG). 


An energetic and experienced instructor Billy has taught children of all ages and abilities in both therapeutic and extracurricular activities since long before he entered the business world. Billy can be found leading groups in yoga as they “stretch from head to toe”, teaching our students how to shoot a free-throw ,managing client accounts and and logistics, and supporting the MM family as a hands-on leader and team player.   

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