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Program Hours



Jr. Indi-Kindie

4 years

Kindergarten Program 

Sr. Indi-Kindie

5 years

Kindergarten Program 

Additional Support

1:1 support can be offered part-time or full time for students enrolled in our program. Additional fees apply.

Individualized Kindergarten - Indi-Kindie

At any age, and ability level, we create an individualized experience for our students.

Our relationship-focused, small group environment is the perfect place to start your academic adventure, and a great way to develop cognitive, social, communication and play skills. Our focus on self-regulation, the mind-body connection and self-awareness starts in Junior Kindergarten and follows our students until they reach grade in Grade 8.


Taught by professionals with extensive experience in facilitating child development in children with autism, language delays and similar needs, and supported by our multi-disciplinary clinical team, our program targets foundational learning skills and pivotal behaviours in a way that feels just like kindergarten. In fact, we call it Indi-Kindie because it is quite literally an Individualized Kindergarten experience designed for each student.

Our pedagogical approach is rooted in the science of learning and incorporates evidence-based strategies for maximizing outcomes for students with social and/or communication needs. In addition to targeting developmental goals unique to each student, we recognize the importance of a firm foundation of academic and cognitive skills that supports learning for years to come.

Our hands-on, multi-sensory approach to instruction supports our students in making connection, extending their knowledge, and building school readiness that carry them forward for years to come.

Looking for service for a child 18 months-3 years? Get in touch to discuss 1:1, group and/or caregiver mediated interventions. Click here to email us now.

Whole Body, Whole Mind Approach

Though we appreciate the importance of traditional (teacher-led)  learning, we also uphold the idea that for successful learning (that lasts) it is essential to engage the body and the mind.


Our lessons take students into the community, to our outdoor learning spaces, and beyond the walls of their classroom. We get busy learning, and playing, in a way that evokes collaboration, investigation, and creativity.

Other noteworthy elements of our program:

  • Before and After Care

  • Yoga Classes

  • School-Wide Track and Field Days

  • Classroom Updates via Virtual Classroom

  • Optional referral to add-on services: OT, SLP, ABA or 1:1 Therapeutic Support in Classroom

FAQ 01/

Class size & Ratios

Maximum 8 students per class.

Maximum 1 teacher to every 4 students.

FAQ 02/

Approach & Methodology

We rely on evidence based teaching strategies derived from best practices in learning theory and selected based on the individual needs of our students.

FAQ 03/

Outdoor time

Daily (pending weather).

On-site in our fenced-in play space.

FAQ 04/

Autism, language delay and similar needs

Our students reflect a diverse population; students with and without formal diagnoses but whose needs align in social and communication goals. Our specialized and individualized approach is rooted in principles of child development. 

FAQ 05/

Teacher qualifications

Classroom teachers have varied backgrounds in education and child development including: ECE, CYW, RBT, Masters of Ed., Bachelor of Ed. and other relevant degrees.

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