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 Leader in Training (LIT) Program @ Magnificent Minds Inc.
12-18 years

Our Leader in Training program (LIT) operates at a low-ratio, is clinically supervised, and meets the funding criteria for Core Clinical Services. 

We offer 4, 6 and 8 week session blocks.

Designed for neurodivergent adolescents and teens, we support our LITs in building a variety of adaptive life skills that support their continued growth and development over the summer months under the framework of short-term, goal-oriented therapy. Using fundamentals of progressive, and neurodiversity affirming Applied Behaviour Analysis, LITs join us to build vocational, social, communication, and daily living skills to name just a few. Using a variety of assessment and goal-setting tools, we support our LITs in skill-building across developmental domains--but it feels just like a job placement with all the respect and dignity our campers deserve (yes, you'll even get a staff shirt).  

*For LIT placements, a facility tour and meet and greet with prospective LIT and Directors must occur; we may also, depending on individual need, schedule a trial day to assess program suitability and level of support required for maximum engagement.



Intake Process


Virtual Intake Screening / Interview
with Caregivers [Free]


Trial Session and Observational Assessment Occurs*


Placement Offered; Sessions Begin Summer 2024


Skills Based Assessment Begins First Day of Camp.


Individual Service Plan Delivered to Caregivers and Participant




Sample Schedule

Camp-Wide Morning Meeting

Camp Job Rotation 1
Buddies Program

Team Sports

Lunch & Hangout

Camp Jobs Rotation 2
Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness
Afternoon Snack & Hangout

Gaming / Coding

Track & Field
Life Skills & Leadership

Project Based Learning



With indoor and outdoor space, here is plenty of space to run and play!

Magnificent Minds can be found nestled in Summit Heights community and takes place onsite at the Magnificent Minds Inc. school grounds.


We have spacious indoor facilities, an incredible sensory-motor gym, and ample outdoor space including fenced in play area. We're within walking distance to a large, fully fenced, park, sports field, and track for Track and Field, as well as nature trails and ravine.

Camping Site

Our Approach

The LIT Way

Come play (yes, even big kids can play), explore, and develop lasting friendships! LITs get an authentic leadership training experience, without sacrificing the therapeutic support they need to thrive. The LIT program is designed to teach youth/teens the skills they need to contribute, as a leader, to their community.

  • Group ABA programming is delivered in a naturalistic and identity-affirming way,

  • Individualized goal development for each LIT,

  • Flexible-ratio camp groups,

  • Building independence,

  • Focus on leadership skills, social skills, communication skills, and life skills.

  • Hands-on, experiential learning and skill building, but it feels like fun!

  • Highly qualified therapists as camp staff,

  • Clinically supervised program.


  • Spirit days,

  • Multi-disciplinary supports,

  • Staffed by qualified teachers and therapists,

  • Sibling inclusion opportunities,

  • & More!

Tending Plants


Register for July, August or both

  • Camp runs Monday to Friday, 9:00AM-3:30PM

Playing Cards

Skill Building

Hidden Curriculum Goals

Social problem solving

Executive functioning


Pre-vocational skills

Team and leadership skills

Social skills

Communication expansion

Generalization/transference of existing skills

Self-advocacy skills

Responsibility and adaptiveness

Cognitive flexibility

& More!

Working with laptops

Age Ranges

Who can play?

Leaders in Training: 12-18 years of age

Add-On Services for Campers


  • Psychotherapy / Mental Health Supports

  • Speech Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Focused ABA Therapy

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