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HeadQuarters is the ultimate hub for digital goodies that boost efficiency, know-how, and ace practices in education, mental health, and behavioral realms. We love a good resource, and we've spent a decade perfecting the art of resource development so you don't have to! Dive into our treasure trove of ready-to-go resources crafted just for you, or work with us to develop something totally unique. We're all about harnessing the excellence of digital tools to propel our clients to success. Our mission? To serve up top-notch resources, that take the guess-work out of reaching your goals. 

Education Resources 

Wrong Answers Only Game [Brain Break]

This digital download provides 5

no-prep brain breaks, and can be used as a way to facilitate relationship building, and/or a way to shape social skills. This game is suited to students in grades K-4 and includes visuals and systematic prompting ideal for neurodivergent learners. Read More.

Would You Rather  Game [Brain Break]


This digital download

Mental Health Resources  


This digital resource supports psycho-education, and the development of self-advocacy skills for neurodivergent children in grades K-6. It is titled: "ADVOCATE- My Behaviour Book" with no direct reference to ADHD or other diagnoses. Read More.

Kids Affirmation

This digital resource supports well-being

by providing 24 unique opportunities to

practice positive affirmations. Designed for

students in grades K-6. Read More.

Defeating the Scaries (ANTs) for Kids

This digital resource supports clinicians in overcoming Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) through an adapted CBT-framework suitable for neurodivergent children in grades K-6. Read More.

Behavioural Resources 

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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