Parent Coaching & Consultative Programs

Consult directly with industry experts in the field of child development, parenting and behaviour management, as we discuss the issues that matter most to your family. Sessions are 45 minutes conducted virtually. Sessions occur as much as 1-4 times per month, or as little as twice per year, based on need. 

We offer parenting and consultative programs for targeting specific goals, as outlined below, or for promoting broader development of social, communication or behavioural skill building, parenting practices and self-regulation. 


We are experienced in supporting parents of kids without formal diagnoses, and are specialized in supporting parents with kids with complex needs including: Autism, Anxiety, emotion regulation needs, ADHD, ODD, Down syndrome, learning difficulties or other exceptionalities. Read more about Alley's experience here.


If your kid has a habit that is getting in the way of day to day life, we can help! 

Strong-Willed Kids

Behaviour solutions
for supporting a spirited kids.

Anxious & Overwhelmed Kids

Strategies for overcoming worries and fears.

ADHD Specific

Overcoming learning and other barriers associated with ADHD.

Late- Talkers

Tips and tricks for expanding and building on communication skills.

Reactive Kids

Managing big feelings and focusing on de-escalation and emotion regulation.

Autism Specific

 Autism and related needs/challenges can be supported across developmental domains and based on need.

Potty Training Starter Pack

Developing toilet-training habits from the ground up.

Individualized Packages

Design your own consultative package that is totally unique.