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Meet HeadQuarters, the newest branch of Magnificent Minds Inc.


HeadQuarters workshops are all about the exciting collision of diverse worlds; a one-time learning experience designed to be both topic-specific and audience-specific. Through a seamless blend of education, mental health, and behavioral expertise, we create dynamic workshops designed for  individuals, schools and corporations; our workshops often meet the requirements for continuing education credits across diverse sectors. Our team of dedicated professionals is on a mission to equip you with the tools not just to survive but to thrive in both your personal and professional domains. Ready to join forces and create waves of positive change? Let's dive into this journey together!

Virtual, On-Demand Workshops @ HeadQuarters

Access pre-recorded virtual cross-sector workshops, on-demand. Learning is that easy!

Browse below by topic, and check back regularly as we build out our workshop library.

Practical Strategies for ADHD

Parenting & Mental Health

Autism & The Literacy Gap

Virtual, Live Workshops @ HeadQuarters

Browse our list of scheduled virtual (live) workshops below, and register on the spot. 

Have an idea or focus area for a live workshop for your team? We've got you covered there too.

Custom for your team.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

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