Podcast is Live!

Would I really be a Millennial Mom (and entrepreneur) if I didn't think about starting a podcast?

But in all seriousness, the idea came from racking my brain trying to figure out how I could share information with my clients, and my community, in a way that was user-friendly, free and available across platforms. I LOVE using Instagram to share information, but it's limiting in its ability to save videos onto your own device, and its ability to upload substantial content (like what I would need to really dive into a topic-I can be a tad wordy). If you're not following me on Instagram click here to do add me and stay in the loop about podcast updates and more! https://www.instagram.com/magminds/

So, I struggled hard to find a way to share information with my clients; many of whom work shift work and couldn't possibly attend a training session during daytime hours, who work nights and couldn't possibly meet me face to face during school hours or who run back and forth between 3 or more schools/programs each day and are literally full-time chauffeurs, chefs, secretaries. personal support workers, therapists, you get the idea. And here I am, a busy mom who couldn't possibly host a seminar after hours to accommodate the variety of needs represented by my dynamic clients. And so, after countless conversations with parents who "really wanted to attend a workshop but couldn't get any more time off work" the idea of podcasting came to me.

My goal is to talk from the heart, pull from my education (if you know my background you know I've studied child development, counselling, psychology and applied behaviour analysis at the graduate level across multiple grad programs at both US and Canadian universities) and use my 10+ years experience supervising early intervention, education, and mental health programs, my experience training and supervising multi-disciplinary professionals, parents and front-line workers to produce a podcast that is relatable and also full of practical, and maybe even inspiring, information and ideas.

I am sure, like all my business ventures, this will evolve over time.

I'd love to eventually talk about:

-running a business as a mom,

-parenting while working full time--what's mat leave, what's work-life balance?

-And all the other dynamic aspects of my Magnificent Minds world.

Suffice to say, the podcast--like my blog, practice, and life--will be rooted in science, and centred on wellness. Finding the meeting point of the science of learning, and the pursuit of wellness I hope to land somewhere that resonates with you.

It's easy to follow!

You can subscribe by navigating to the Podcast page from the main menu above, or you can click here: https://anchor.fm/sciencedrives and subscribe on whatever platform you prefer. I've submitted it across all platforms available, so if it's not available yet (on your preferred platform)--just check back soon (they say 24-48 hours from launch so after Jan. 17th 2019 you should be golden). I am told the iTunes platform can take a bit longer--they kind of dominate the industry, so no surprise they have a high volume to approve!

As soon as I get my feet wet, I will be asking for contributors so if that's you--hit me up!

Tune in, or don't tune in, either way you know where to find me <3

With immense gratitude for and trust in the process,



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