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Big Problems in Parenting

At the core of parenting woes, is the feeling that all we do is put out tiny fires.

When we're consumed by the little issues (that feel mighty at the time) it can be difficult to get the clarity we need to problem solve, or even pivot; to have the clarity to create systems or strategies to restore the calm. While the same can be said in general (non parenting) life (as in, the big picture gets lost when you're in your daily "get things done" mode), the overwhelm that comes from moving from fire to fire, while trying to keep the little (or not so little) humans alive, well, and ideally--engaged (in a pandemic), is A LOT.

Remember that sometimes when you're "too close" to something it's hard to maintain perspective and never under estimate the value of stepping back (sometimes metaphorically and sometimes quite literally). Usually, you don't need 100 tiny contingencies plans; instead, you just need a bit of help stepping outside the fire to see what's gone off track.

If this resonates, DM or e-mail and I'll connect you withs some great resources.

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