Emotion Regulation Training

Scope & Approach

Emotion Regulation Training is aimed at increasing adaptive behaviours (coping mechanisms) and building fluency in their application through psycho-education, self-awarenes, understanding of common triggers, and a variety of other instructional modalities chosen to meet the needs of each child (see below).  Emotion Regulation Training is solution-focused, short term therapy designed to reduce behaviours that interfere with optimized functioning using antecedent modifications (developing proactive habits) and replacement behaviours (coping mechanisms).
Yes, it's therapy but it feels more like self-discovery; like getting grounded and practicing new behaviour patterns that lead to an increase in adaptive skill building like, using coping mechanisms proactively and in response to difficult situations.

Therapeutic Methodologies

Delivery & Process

Therapists may incorporate any of the following (based on individual needs based assessment): 
Applied Behaviour Analysis
Development/Expansion of Coping Mechanisms
Crisis Intervention/Deescalation
Social Skill Development and Instruction
Aspects of Function-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (fb-CBT)
Systematic Desensitization 
Learning Through (Role) Play
Project-Based Learning & Take-Home Work
Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness 

Emotions and Kids

6 years and up with prerequisite skills which facilitate optimized outcomes. 

Being a kid is hard and more and more we're realizing that the struggles of our kids have roots that go really deep. We're realizing that certain behaviour patterns aren't going to "go away on their own". When we acknowledge the struggles of our kids, and offer a nurturing environment to practice effective coping mechanisms, process big feelings, and begin the process of self-awareness and self-discovery, we see our kids open up in new and exciting ways.
When feelings get really big, behaviour gets even bigger. By equipping our kids with the right tools to navigate day to day upset and substantial set-backs we're setting the foundation for the development of resilience and empowerment. 

Emotions and Autism

6 years and up with prerequisite skills which facilitate optimized outcomes. 

When language and social barriers co-exist with emotional regulation challenges, it may be time to seek support. Because autism impacts the way information is processed and applied, it's no surprise that work in the "mental-health domains" ought to be specialized and address the variables that impact skill development in this population. Kids with autism often struggle finding appropriate mental health support, in part due to the complexities of their needs, and in part due to a lack of service options available.
By focusing on the establishment of functional coping mechanisms in a supportive and specialized environments our participants work towards increased success integrating into school programs, extra curricular activities, and other age-appropriate social opportunities. 

Session Information

45-60 minutes

weekly, or bi-weekly

Sessions are booked at minimum once per week, onsite at Magnificent Minds, and range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes depending on need. Sessions are 1:1 with a Supervising Therapist.
Assessment occurs during sessions; sessions are billed hourly. For a list of a cancelations policies please inquire in the Magnificent Minds Inc. Office.

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