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Why Invest in Parenting + Autism [The Course]?

Parenting is not intuitive, and an Autism diagnosis can make it feel extremely overwhelming (and isolating). 


If between moments of extreme joy and bouts of intense laughter you experience frustration and uncertainty you are in the right place (and you are not alone), welcome to a place where we "get it"!

When you're stumped by the day to day challenges, it can feel impossible, to parent confidently.


Curve ball after curve ball, where do you even begin?


Yes, there's beauty in raising a neurodivergent (Autistic) child, but without a plan even the most invested parents experience overwhelm.


That's where this course comes in.

Our Goal

Using self-paced, on-demand videos and digital resources that you can complete on-your-own-time, we'll teach you science-backed strategies so you can learn to...


  • move from stumped to empowered as you build a foundational understanding of how your child's brain is wired


  • navigate the day to day challenges of parenting a child with autism, with intentionality and confidence


  • successfully advocate for your child's needs at school and within the community,


  • celebrate your child's strengths, uniqueness and neurodiversity

  • effectively respond to big behaviours in a compassionate and purposeful way

Boys Running

Module 1

📌 Understanding the Diagnosis - Autism

  •    Social Skills

  •    Communication

  •    Repetitive & Restrictive Behaviours

Module 4

📌 Stereotypy and Repetitive Behaviours

  • What is it?

  • Why does it happen?

  • What to do?

Module 2

📌 How Autism Impacts Learning

  •    Common Barriers to Information Processing

  •    Common Barriers to Skill Development

  •    Common Barriers to Application of Skills and Knowledge

Module 5

📌 Common Triggers and What to do

  • Transitions

  • Tasks

  • Relinquishing

Module 3

📌 Understanding Behaviour

  • ABCs of Behaviour

  • Decoding Behaviour

Module 6

📌  Module 6 - Making a Plan to Move Forward

  • Prioritize Goals

  • Take a "Big Picture" Approach

  • Feedback & Next Steps

Sibling Piggyback

About Your Instructor

Alley Dezenhouse Kelner, MA ABA CYT
Clinical Director, Psychotherapist and Parent Coach

Course instructor Alley is an expert in the field, a mom of 3, and a fierce advocate for neurodiversity. If you're feeling overwhelmed, she's got you covered.

Questions? Reach out!

Hear Testimonials

"I have learned A LOT of different tools to help avoid the meltdowns/behaviours before they happen."

Parent / February 2021

"I will definitely be using the strategies I've learned to help get things done."

Parent / February 2021

What Can I Expect?

✔️ Tailor-made modules addressing the most vital information and strategies for parenting an autistic child.


✔️ Each modules consists of 2-3 digestible and relevant lessons explaining content in a way that is relevant and clear.


✔️ $100s in savings as you access hours of learning and supplementary material curated by Alley, for less than the price of a 1 hour consultation.


✔️ Invaluable knowledge allowing you to position yourself as the expert on your child; to navigate the day to day, advocate fiercely within the community and celebrate neurodiversity.


✔️ The tools, strategies and know-how to move from "HUH?" to "AHA!" parenting.


✔️ Have a question as you learn? Get support from course Instructor, Alley, in a private FaceBook group or via the classroom chat function.


Access to all lesson modules designed to take you from "HUH?" to"AHA!" in your parenting for just $67.


Register for Parenting + Autism Self-Paced Course and level up your parenting right now. Take meaningful giant leaps towards empowered parenting as you work through the modules at your own pace, and from the comfort of home; you don't even need to find your shoes! 👞 👟 👠

Analysis paralysis, am I right? Just. Can't. Make. A. Decision.

When it comes to forward motion, the most importat step you take is the first one! Decisions can be hard; but honestly, this one is easy!


I get it, your time is precious and your funds are limited. 


You want to, but you're struggling to take the plunge. 


What do you do when your kiddo is stuck? You help them take the first step to get the momentum going. 


Let me help you with that.

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