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Happy Autism Awareness Day!

Truly inspired to see a sea of blue today. On my news feed, in my school, in the news, on Instagram, on Twitter...So grateful for the support of everyone who is rocking blue in support of #autism awareness day. But for most of us, everyday is autism awareness day...right?

My hope is that the sea of blue I see is a sample of what is to come in society as a whole (yup, I am getting philosophical on you)...

Acceptance is a virtue that should be sought every day. Acceptance doesn't mean we are complacent, or that we stop striving for our kids to reach maximum potential. Acceptance means that irrelevant of what the future holds, whether or not we meet our monthly goals or yearly goals, whether or not we meet our developmental milestones at the prescribed dates, whether or not we have struggles along the way (and we will)...there will always be a place for our kids in our society, in our family, in our hearts.

This blogger believes that there is a place for every person, every agency, every institution that seeks to raise awareness for a cause I care so deeply about. There will always be disagreement (about causes, course of action, treatment and so on), so it goes...democracy and freedom of speech are what make our nation so beautiful and colourful. (If you are confused about this statement, do a quick Google search and see what disagreement I am talking indirectly about, but purposely not commenting on).

I am all for freedom of speech; take your cause and run with it!

Blog about it, tweet about it, shout it from the roof tops!

Your kids need you as an advocate and I applaud your efforts, no matter what side you stand on. No matter your values or beliefs, I believe we all come together when it comes to wanting a secure future for our kids, in a society that values and respects them as unique, contributing individuals. Yes, some of our values vary; yes, society as a whole will always be ruled by the masses.

But at least for today...let's put our debate to rest.

I ask that whatever side you are on, you acknowledge that in order to make the most meaningful impact it is essential that we all stand together as representatives of those who cannot yet represent themselves.


I ask that you strive to teach your children their unconditional self worth--in whatever way seems most meaningful to your.

I ask that you enable your child to become empowered, to develop the confidence in knowing that he or she has place in this world irrelevant of neurological difference.

I ask that you recognize the power in, and importance of, grassroots movements which give DIRECTLY back to the kids in need. To see some grass roots movement...scroll down!

In whatever way makes sense to you, I ask that you become an advocate for your child, perhaps I am preaching to the converted here...but, when moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and community members speak out--we speak much louder than a one day campaign ever could.

Peace & love,


Grass roots movements (will gladly add more, just comment!)

Together We Are Better Committee & Event

Project Autism AAV Show

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