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Updates and Changes

Hi guys,

It's been...a while! Why you ask?

We've been seriously busy in the office with things like...

-Moving to a new funding model via the New OAP

-Moving locations effective July 2018 and all the stress and excitement THAT brings

-Steadily growing our team to better support our community

-AND I'm doing additional course work in ABA at a graduate level to meet the BCBA requirements *Phew*

On top of it all, we can't help but feel the landscape of our industry is changing! Though there is still a HUGE push for online connection, for the first time in 11 years it kind of feels like blogging is no longer the most direct way to reach our community! We still plan to keep the articles coming (once things slow down) but we're also finding ourselves more active on social media sites like FB and Instagram! There's just something much more personal about being able to look right at my camera and talk directly to you! Plus, I love how much engagement we get from you all!

So with that said, don't stop checking for new content--but definitely ALSO check us out on instagram @MagMinds and on FB in the meantime!

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