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Core Clinical Services - OAP Funding

As we prepare for summer 2023 and look to Fall 2023 we are mindful of funding changes that will impact many of our students. With the gradual release of Ontario Autism Program Core Clinical Service funding, we are doing our best to create a variety of program options that meet the needs of our students.

This Spring, we are piloting a new program (set to officially begin in Fall 2023) called the Core Clinical Classroom (Group ABA).

This webinar will review elements of the new program, answer questions about assessment, goal tracking, and other mechanics of the new program and offer an opportunity to better understand the new model of service delivery.

This webinar will provide answers to general questions about program structure and delivery, rather than providing answers to client-specific questions (which are better served on a more confidential platform).

Upon registration, you will receive a direct link to the meeting room.

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