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Grounding for Self Regulation

"Find your feet." 👣 Plant the bottoms of your feet firmly into the ground; feel your body in relation to the wold around it.

When you see the words "find your feet" do you "feel" your feet differently than you did just a few seconds before landing on this sentence? Me too.

Mindfulness as a practice allows us to call attention to sensory experiences we don't orient to; things we experience on autopilot without tuning in. "Finding your feet" is a great verbal prompt for reminding yourself, and your kids to tune in, and be mindful. If you're a sensory sensitive person, you may be "too in tune" with certain sensory experiences, especially when you get stressed out; a phrase like "find your feet" can help you redirect to a different sensory experience, shift your focus, reconnect and regroup when the world starts spinning around you.

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