Intrusive thoughts in Motherhood

Intrusive thoughts in motherhood can be overwhelming. How do you react to them?

Panic? Shame? Anger? Fear?

One strategy to disconnect from thoughts that don't serve you (i.e. remind us "I am not my thoughts. My thoughts are not always facts.") is to treat an intrusive thought like a bubble. When you "see it", it's ok to notice it for a second, and then it's ok to just watch it float away without judgement. As you gain perspective and feel empowered it gets farther and farther away from your reality.

It takes practice; it takes work.

Be kind to yourself, be compassionate and remember you can't always control what you think, but you can work hard to rebound in an empowered way.

The road to wellness is not always linear; that is normal. You are strong. 🥰

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