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Manifestation and science--compatible or at odds?

Manifest and grind—it’s a mindset and it’s a behaviour chain.

For a long time I struggled with reconciling my complete and total trust in divine order and my strong magnetism towards grounding myself in scientific facts, validated truths and avoidance of pseudoscience. What I’ve come to realize is that there is a mid point where the two actually meet. You can rationalize and you can “prove” through validated concepts with roots in psychology of wellness, that manifestation (dare I say—the law of attraction, or even private events like your thoughts) actually play a vital role in predicting and contributing to life outcomes.

Though the internet (and the 1000s of self proclaimed experts without a lick of formal training in wellness, science, you get the idea..) will have you believe that manifestation is some kind of magic (“that you too can achieve if you buy my course/product/coaching service) the truth is that manifestation is totally accessible to you right now, in this moment, and that it’s actually rooted in the psychology of behaviour change. 

Want to dig deeper? Check episode 9 of the podcast and figure out how to lev

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