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Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation and why it matters for Self Regulation

Did you know that at Magnificent Minds we have an entire adjunct curriculum (that we created) to target mental health and self regulation? We sure do. We also have a yoga instructor, mindfulness experts, and a whole team of clinicians with scope of practice in self-regulation.

Have you ever thought about how we breathe all day, but we don't "take a breath" until we become irritated, stressed or anxious? That's actually your body's way of trying to reset. No seriously, your body frequently knows what it needs to regulate but we're just not paying attention to its cues. It's not entirely our fault; we've forgotten to be mindful, to tune in and to connect the dots. Mindfulness is a skill we have to practice because we're constantly operating on autopilot; by nature, our kids are often better at "being mindful" than we are.

Have you ever demanded "take a deep breath" when your kiddo showed signs of did that go? Not well, I'm assuming. 🤣

So, what DOES work?!

Mindfulness! And specifically, yoga and meditation, which can be powerful proactive tools for our kids when combined with their aptitude to "live in the moment".

Skeptic, eh? Stay with me.

So, what are he benefits of mindfulness for our kids and can kids actually BE mindful (like, when I want them to be?)?

No really, my kid is "a mile a minute" can they really truly SLOW DOWN?

I'm unpacking the similarities and differences between mindfulness, meditation and yoga and discussing the benefits each can have on teaching and practicing self-regulation in this week's episode of my podcast: Science Drives Wellness Steers.

🎧Listen Here🎧 - Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation for Self-Regulation (For Kids and their Grown Ups)

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