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What is Virtual Camp?

You've never heard of virtual camp? Neither had we if we're being honest, but as the needs of our community change--we pivot! And we learn--a lot of learning, and a lot of Googling and talking with tech experts because this is certainly unprecedented! So, we've decided to take the plunge into hosting virtual camp and we're actually pretty excited about it for a few reasons:

  1. It will allow us to share the MM camp experience with kids who otherwise wouldn't have been able to attend (distance, cost, scheduling); the accessibility barriers have almost disappeared! MAGNIFICENT!

  2. It will allow us to invite parents into the camp experience--ever wanted to be a "fly on the wall" at summer camp? Well, now you can! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Virtual camp solves 2 major problems for parents:

(1) What am I going to do to keep my kid entertained while school is out?

(2) How am I going to make sure my kid stays socially connected and cognitively stimulated while school is out (and without having to search the internet looking for engaging tasks)?

So how does it work?

1-1.5 hours daily (pre-recorded and live lessons and activities you can do from home). Live sessions will be at predetermined times daily (9:30 to be exact), while pre-recorded lessons will be available on demand. Everything will be programmed by our specialists and categorized into two age brackets "Junior Camp" (Grade 2 and under) and "Senior Camp" (Grade 3 and up). There are no minimum (or maximum) ages to enrol :) Simply opt-in to the camp (junior or senior) that matches your child's developmental level.

Everyday you can expect:

-Live: “Camp Wide” Morning Meeting and Virtual Social Connection; calendar, camp sing-a-longs, jokes, weekly themed lesson/story at 9:30 (we think it’s important to have something first thing in the morning…not too we have a reason to get dressed :P)

One of the following:

-Pre-recorded/on demand experiential assignments at 2 levels (Junior + Senior)--"Camp-a-demics": Skill building projects that help maintain academics (think: virtual book clubs, creative writing, research based projects, functional math like building, baking or budgeting rather than worksheets—it is summer after all!)


-Pre-recorded/on demand “Specialty activity” at 2 levels (Junior + Senior) of the day with our specialists: Music, yoga, STEM challenge, art, Friendship Circle, Drama/film making, photography, sensory, gross motor--all the camp classics! (but private i.e. not open to the public) message boards for communicating with other campers, opportunities to "share your work" and connect virtually all on our "virtual" camp site.

Who are our specialists?

  • Behaviour Therapists

  • Special Education Teachers

  • Gym/Sports Teachers

  • Yoga/Movement Teachers

  • Arts and Crafts Aficionados

  • Therapists (Mental Health)

  • & More!

What about supplies?

We will email supply lists (if anything is needed); everything will be available at your local dollar store--cheap and cheerful, we promise!

What does it cost?

Just $50/week

Questions? Reach us today!

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