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Science Drives 

Disclaimer: This blog is a practical (science-driven) guide to parenting and educating neurodivergent kids; it may include the opinions of Magnificent Minds Inc., a summary of commonly understood evidence-based practices (that we did not invent), upcoming events or workshops, food for thought, research we've reviewed, and (at times) links to unaffiliated external resources. This blog is intended to be educational, and does not replace individualized consulting with a qualified professional. Online communities, like this, are designed to promote the dissemination of information; they are not intended to respond to crisis or emergency situations. Posts speak generally, and their narrative should not be taken as a directive or individualized guidance of any kind. Accordingly, Magnificent Minds Inc.  is not responsible for any outcomes that result from the application of this information.


Nothing substitutes good judgment! But you knew that already, so let's get into it! By reading on, you agree to these terms. If you have any questions, please contact us

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