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Magnificent Minds Inc., a hybrid therapeutic and educational program, opened in 2011 after Alley (Clinical Director/Founder) noticed a gap in services and kept coming back to the question:

"Why do neurodivergent kids have to choose between school or therapy; why can't the 2 coexist in one place that feels like a community not a clinic?"

In the last decade, Magnificent Minds Inc. has grown;

  • in student body,

  • in guiding principles, and

  • as a multi-disciplinary team.

As we:

  • refined our craft,

  • advocated for our community, and

  • listened,

we realized that there was still work to be done.

While we're extremely proud of the way Magnificent Minds Inc. has contributed to the availability of supports for our community, we're not finished yet.

We asked: "Why is there a lack of parent-focused programming for supporting empowered parenting across the lifespan?"

What followed was a