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NEW! Virtual Training & Resource Shop

Magnificent Minds Inc., a hybrid therapeutic and educational program, opened in 2011 after Alley (Clinical Director/Founder) noticed a gap in services and kept coming back to the question:

"Why do neurodivergent kids have to choose between school or therapy; why can't the 2 coexist in one place that feels like a community not a clinic?"

In the last decade, Magnificent Minds Inc. has grown;

  • in student body,

  • in guiding principles, and

  • as a multi-disciplinary team.

As we:

  • refined our craft,

  • advocated for our community, and

  • listened,

we realized that there was still work to be done.

While we're extremely proud of the way Magnificent Minds Inc. has contributed to the availability of supports for our community, we're not finished yet.

We asked: "Why is there a lack of parent-focused programming for supporting empowered parenting across the lifespan?"

What followed was a mandate to disseminate information in a way that was barrier free; a free blog, podcast, newsletters and social media channels (by the way, these are all inked on our main page:

Our community grew, and grew, but we weren't finished yet.

Magnificent Minds Inc. Virtual Training and Resource Shop (hum, the name is a work in progress) is the answer to the question: "How can we expand our reach, support parents who are struggling right now, and meet our community where they are (in their homes) when resources, like time and money, are limited?"

The virtual courses, webinars and resources are not meant to replace essential services (like, direct therapy/education offered through our brick and mortar locations), they are meant to compliment them and support families impacted by barriers to service (funding, location, availability and more). These resources are meant to teach big-picture skills, parental empowerement, improved coping mechanism, awareness of mental health needs, celebration of neurodiversity, and improved connection for families; we're looking to make big picture, systemic, change and it starts right now.

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